Thursday, 31 July 2014
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Child and adolescent mental health in enlarged EU - development of effective policies and practices (CAMHEE)


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By Ursula O'Dwyer, Health Promotion Policy Adviser, Health Promotion Policy, Department of Health Ireland: "We have reason to celebrate and we warmly welcome the 20 June Council Conclusions on Nutrition and Physical Activity as a sign that we are getting increasingly serious about an increasingly serious problem: more than half of European adults are overweight or obese, children are dangerously overtaking their parents and too many elderly suffer from malnutrition.

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By Colin R. Janssen Ph.D, Chair of the Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risk: "From the wheel to the Internet, inventions have made life easier and more enjoyable, but they sometimes come at a price. We've learned that the hard way, with things like fluorocarbons, Styrofoam, asbestos and lead paint, but man's ingenuity and desire to create and make improvements is limitless and new technology and inventions will continue to be introduced. While we look forward to progress and applaud great ideas, we need watchdogs to protect our greatest treasures – our health and our environment."

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