Wednesday, 03 September 2014
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Integruota sveikatos priežiūra yra efektyvus kelias gydant sunkias patologijas, padedant žmonėms išvengti neįgalumo, neabejoja sveikatos apsaugos ministras Vytenis Povilas Andriukaitis. Todėl, ministro teigimu, būtina gerinti integruotos sveikatos sistemos (klasterių) finansavimą.



Child and adolescent mental health in enlarged EU - development of effective policies and practices (CAMHEE)


Minister OF HEALTH
Rimantė šalaševičiūtė
Question of the day
Do like to go to your job by bicycle?
Yes, it is nice for me
Yes, it is much cheaper, than by car
Yes, because of traffic jam and air pollutions
No, because there are no bicycle stands
No, I can not live without my car
No, there is no shower at my job
I have not decided yet
Not yet, but I am planning
Yes, because it is healthy life style